Autism In Toddlers – Signs To Watch For

Autism is known as an abnormal condition that is associated with mental performance and this leads to different types of interaction issues, as well as relationship issues with the toddlers.

Some of the minor signs of autism in toddlers really should not be overlooked and if possible, brought to the attention of a medical professional right away for in depth diagnosis and a suitable type of treatment plan.

First signs of Autism in Toddlers

The first indications of autism in toddlers start appearing very early on and may be noticed in the first year.

The very first thing to know is the fact that the majority of normal toddlers can reciprocate body language as well as hold eye-to-eye contact.  For example,  If you approach a normal child and give them  a big smile, they are going to probably smile back.  They will also look at you directly in the eyes.

The above situation is not always the same with an autistic child, the toddler will most likely not smile back. This not due to the fact that the autistic child cannot smile, it’s just that they do not understand the concept of reciprocation, i.e. you smile at me, I smile back. Another sign is their inability to look you in the eyes when you speak to them, to us it’s a social norm, to the autistic child, it’s not.

Another sign to watch out for involves the feelings of an autistic child. Autistic children have a hard time interpreting multiple feeling at the same time, as well as interpreting exactly what they are feeling at any point in time.

Even though young children grow at different rates, a toddler with autism is usually far behind a regular toddler when it comes to development.

Another facet of autism in toddlers can be repeated behavior.  Most autistic children have a habit of repeating the same behavior over and over again. This can be as simple as picking something up and dropping it, or as complicated as saying the same phrase over and over again.

This type of behavior can sometimes be difficult to recognize, but it is something that you will need to be on the lookout for.

Signs and symptoms of autism in toddlers can be noticed by utilizing developing milestones as a guide. These milestones will help you understand how far along the normal development path your child has travelled, and if there are any areas that need to be looked at in more detail.