Three of the Most Common Signs of Autism in Toddlers

Understanding some of the most common signs of autism in toddlers can help a parent in determining whether a child is displaying signs of autism or whether the child is just going through normal childhood growing patterns.

Autism is a very serious disorder that affects so many children in so many of different ways. Sometimes it is not known whether a child has autism for quite some time and, when it becomes known, many things need to be done in order to help that child in every way.

So, what are some of the most common signs of autism in toddlers? This article will answer that question by discussing the top three signs that may show that a particular child is suffering from autism.


Social Interaction

One of the early common signs of autism in toddlers involves social symptoms. Many children who have autism may find it hard to engage with others and socially interact with people, especially those who they don’t know. For example, a child who is suffering from autism may not want to be hugged or may not want to cuddle at all.

To add to that, children with autism may not be able to fully understand what other people are feeling or thinking, which affects their ability to socially interact with others since it affects their communication skills.

Repetitive Behavior

Another one of the most common signs of autism in toddlers involves repetitive behaviors. Children who are suffering from autism may do the same thing over and over again.

In fact, a child with autism will usually appear to be physically normal and may also appear to be fully in control of his or her muscles, however, they may also show some signs of lack of control. For example, some children with autism may flap their arms, walk differently, and some may just freeze their entire body for no apparent reason at all.

To add to those behaviors, a child suffering from autism may become infatuated with one particular object whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or some sort of toy.

Communication Problems

Communication problems are also associated with toddlers who have autism.

What problems a child may have will differ from child to child. For example, there are some children who have autism that will be mute for a long period of time whereas others may speak but do so by speaking with only one word or using the same phrases over and over again. Either way, this greatly affects a child’s ability to communicate with others.

By understanding the causes of autism we can better understand what’s required to treat autism in toddlers at an early age.

Hopefully this article has been beneficial to those wondering about some of the most common signs of autism in toddlers in order to better understand the disorder.

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